Hofbräuhaus am Platzl, Munich

OMDN 2018

BI Analyst Meetup May 28, 2018

The workshop will be held in Munich to share information on Best Practices in Big Data analysis. The workshop will provide insights on:

The State of Big Data

The term Big Data has come to mean many things, and communication about new approaches has been hindered by the conflicting vocabulary and definitions. To better understand this emerging discipline, this panel discussed frameworks for understanding the new architectures, use cases and requirements, and benchmarks.

Big Data Future Directions

Is volume, velocity, variety, veracity or some other facet of Big Data most critical for planning a particular Big Data project? Will a given deployment, even if well considered, find itself overtaken by a superseding technology? What are the emerging trends and technologies to be aware of? These are questions practitioners must entertain now as new commercial releases are transforming the capabilities of widely used Big Data software. The Future Directions panel considers likely Big Data trends in hardware, computing models, analytics and measurement.

Big Data Sharing and Collaboration

Critical to moving Big Data forward as a discipline are the methods needed for improving both collaboration and data sharing. We are familiar with the cooperation for open source technology development and in online courses, but how do we cooperatively move forward and put these technologies into practice? How do we better provision data frameworks to promote technology adoption, data sharing and data reuse?

Security and Privacy

The distribution of data across resources, and the involvement of a number of organizations in one system open up new concerns for security and privacy. This panel will focus on the areas that are new and different because of the Big Data architectures. The panel will discuss the state of the art in security and privacy enhancing technologies, Big Data privacy concerns and the over-arching challenge of deriving knowledge from Big Data while preserving privacy.

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